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Arrival by car

Drive on the highway “A5” to the “Heidelberger Kreuz”. Then you take the off- ramp in the direction “Heidelberg”; this takes you onto the “A656”- which leads directly into Heidelberg (After about eight 800m attention: speed radar!). Straight ahead after the higway you will find yourself on “Bergheimer Straße”. After a major intersection you will see an “Aral” service station on the lefthand side; shortly thereafter is on the lefthandside the Qube Hotel. A U- turn is possible at the next intersection. When you get to the hotel you turn right into “Bluntschlistraße”. The hotel-entrance and the garage-entrance is immediately on the righthand side.

The City of Heidelberg declared the entire city a green zone. That means that all cars have to have a green emission sticker to be allowed to drive in the city.  You can pre-order those stickers online via TÜV Süd. Please follow the link.

Order Emission-Sticker online > Orderlink

Arrival by train

At the main train station you have about 800m to the hotel. You can walk northward (as you come out of the main entrance to your left) on “Mittermaierstraße” to “Bergheimer Straße” (the first set of lights) and turn right (east). On the lefthand side of the street, at the second intersection, is the Qube Hotel.


At the main entrance to the train station is the taxi stand. The fare to get to the hotel is approximately six Euros ( 6,- € ).


The bus #32 is another option. It leaves from the north entrance (second entrance) of the train station; at the second stop (Römer Straße) you need to get off. You are on “Bergheimer Straße” and must go back in the direction you just came from (westerly). The walking distance is approximately two 200m. The ticket price (“Kurzfahrt” ticket) is 1,10 € and can be bought at a vending machine before boarding or in the bus from the bus driver. An alternative is to take the #24 or the #21 to “Betriebshof”, one stop in the direction “Handschusheim”, and transfer onto the #22 where you will have to get out at the first stop “Volkshochschule”, kitty- corner to the Qube hotel. The price is the same 1,10 €.

We wish you a pleasant journey !

Qube Hotel Heidelberg
Bergheimer Str. 74
69115 Heidelberg
Tel.: +49 6221 187990
Fax: +49 6221 187999

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