Qube-The film page

The Qube film
The film shows impressions of the Qube Hotel in Heidelberg. You can see the modern building, interesting impressions of rooms in the hotel, and the tastefully decorated restaurant with the lounge.

The Heidelberg report
Let this 30 minutes film guide you through our beloved town with its world-known castle, its beautiful town centre and its one-of-a-kind-flair. And just in case you are as tempted to see all this for yourself and have no idea where to stay, just check 22:45 min :-)

The Heidelberg film
The film about the world’s most romantic city underlines Heidelberg’s charm and culture. A wonderful foretaste before you discover the city live.

Der “Boese” Film

Sehen wie ein richtiger Cocktail gemixt wird und die Atomsphäre vom Boese Cocktailevent im Qube Hotel live sehen.

Der Enjoy Jazz Film

Der Film zeigt die vielen Austragungsorte des Festivals und das Qube Hotel ist natürlich mit dabei.

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